Cosmetic Dentures

By using the latest techniques and his knowledge of cosmetics Dr James Bough not only makes dentures which are secure, but also better looking, so they are made to the highest quality. In order to ensure the perfect fit and aesthetics, the fabrication of dentures is split into a number of stages, to ensure the best result is achieved. The perfect shape: In order to ensure the highest of accuracy, two impressions of the mouth are taken to ensure every last bit of information is recorded.


An initial impression is taken of the mouth to make custom trays, using a ‘mucosdisplasive’ technique, to recreate the pressure of the denture when pressure is applied on biting. This means that the second impression taken using a ‘mucostatic’ technique, means that fine detail can be recorded, when the tissues are at rest. These two techniques combined is gold standard and ensures the highest of accuracy of the fitting surface of the denture. Bite registration: An unstable bite, means unstable, uncomfortable and not fit for purpose dentures! Therefore, Dr James Bough accurately recreates your bite in wax, to ensure you will be able to bite comfortably and evenly, whilst also helping to give an idea of the final desired aesthetics. Aesthetic Try-In: Provision of dentures will instantly provide a smile makeover. At this stage, Dr James Bough will try a ‘mock up’ of the final dentures. This provides the opportunity to accurately check the shape, size and position of the teeth within the dentures.


In addition to checking the teeth, the bite is checked at this stage, to ensure it is accurate and as prescribed by the previous step. The teeth provide a foundation of support to the lips and cheeks. It is also therefore very important at this stage to check that the dentures provide sufficient support and aesthetics to the surrounding structures, to instantly improve the appearance of the bottom 1/3 of the face. At this stage, Dr James Bough will use historical photographs of the patient, to ensure that what is designed, is as accurate and natural and as close as possible to what the patient suits, so the patient is going to be happy with the final outcome Final Fit: This is a straightforward process at this point! After all the hard work and spending time getting all the information in the most accurate fashion during the initial stages, it ensures that the final dentures can be fitted with ease. Long term maintenance: Dr James Bough refers to dentures as a ‘precision fabricated removable prosthesis’, as they are made to precise details which he prescribes during the process of fabrication.


Despite this, the mouth is so highly innervated by nerves; subsequently it is used to finding hair and grit, so changing the shape of the dentures can take a while to get used to. It may take a few appointments to do any adjustments necessary if fine tuning is required.