Dental Bonding

Advances in dental materials coupled with advanced techniques have meant that cosmetic bonding is becoming more popular. Combined with rapid orthodontics such as the Inman Aligner or Six Months Smiles, means that a smile makeover is easily and quickly achievable and not only cheaper, but there is also no need for tooth preparation as there is with veneers and crowns, so it is much better for the health of the tooth too.


Dental Bonding……what does it involve? 


As the name suggests, it is involves bonding white fillings (which are picked due to their colour and properties, so they best match the colour of the teeth) to the teeth to change the shape and size of the teeth.


Dr James Bough carries this process out by hand, individually building each tooth.  Achieving the correct shape and size requires artistic skill, in order to achieve the best aesthetics.  Dr James Bough is not also able to improve the shape and size of the teeth, but by using materials with different properties, he is also able to give the illusion that the teeth are also a different shade and ‘lightening’ the appearance of the teeth.


Dental Bonding……..what can be achieved?


It is possible to repair chips, re-build worn teeth, change the shape of the teeth, close gaps and change the shade of the teeth, by bonding to them. Small additions can make a huge difference, as demonstrated by the cases which Dr James Bough has completed in the photographs.