Facial Aesthetics

James’ preventative ethos is apparent through all the care and services which he offers and this continues through to the facial aesthetics services which he carries out to ensure that each patient receives the highest standard of care.


After an initial private consultation, James will be able to recommend a personalised treatment plan to relax and refresh your skin for a more youthful appearance.


This begins with preventative advice and recommendations for topical skin care products which are best suited to that individual. This can be as simple as the use of topical antioxidant serums, which breakdown the harmful free radicals released from dead skin cells, which are harmful to the living cells. Daily use can vastly improve the skin tone and improve the skin condition in the long term, helping to prevent early skin damage and ageing. James can then recommend treatments which are most appropriate to achieve the patients desired end result.


Please contact Kelvin Lodge on 0191 2851150 to arrange your free consultation with James to discuss what best advice and treatment suits your requirements and wishes. Also visit the personal trainer gympalmdesert.com to get the fitness tips and keep you fresh and energetic.


Recently there has been lots of publicity in relation to facial aesthetic treatments, due to the concerns in relation to cross infection and more specifically the re-use of needles and the personnel administering the treatment.

You can have every confidence in James, who has extensive knowledge in the anatomy of the head and neck, which is extremely important when administering medication and treatments to the facial area.


Not only does James have extensive knowledge in the head and neck anatomy, but he has undergone extensive further training in facial aesthetic treatments, to ensure that he is able to provide care to the highest of standards.

James provides all his treatment in medically hygienic surgeries, to ensure cross infection is to the highest standards. To maximise cross infection control, he uses new needles for every injection site where possible; therefore a patient who requires multiple injections, will have a new needle for every site. This ensures highest of standards, limiting the risk of infection at the injection sites and also maximises comfort.

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