An initial consultation cost is a fixed price of £55 and undertaken by Dr James Bough at Kelvin Lodge Dental Practice. At this appointment we will discuss your dental concerns and your aims and objectives.  Dr James Bough will then carry out a full examination to check the teeth, existing restorations, gum health and oral cancer screening. We will also take the necessary ‘X-rays’ which are appropriate and justified. We will fully explain our findings and your current dental status, provide the necessary preventative advice and give you a personalised treatment plan for any remedial work which may be required. Along with this personalised treatment plan will be an estimate for all costs. At Kelvin Lodge, we provide interest free credit for all our treatments and this can be discussed in the strictest confidence with the practice manager.


The receptionists will also be happy to discuss with you the different Practice Plans which cover your routine examinations, hygienist visits and dental insurance, which start from £9.61 per month. The children of those registered at Kelvin Lodge can be seen on the NHS while they are in full time education. At routine examinations, if treatment is identified as being required, you will always be provided an estimate for treatment costs.



Facial Aesthetic:


An initial Consultation with Dr James Bough is free of charge. At this initial consultation, James will discuss the treatments available and what treatment is most appropriate for each individual case, as everyones treatment needs vary.



The costs for the different treatments are as follows:

Wrinkle relaxing injections:

1 Area
From £150
2 Areas
From £200
3 Areas
From £250

Areas – Frown lines, forehead lines and ’Crows feet’ (eyes)

Genuine Dermaroller Therapy

1 Area
From £235.00
2 Area
From £285.00
3 Area
From £335.00

Areas – Genuine Dermaroller is safe to use on the skin on any parts of the body, but the most common areas are: Face, Neck, Decolette, Hands, Stretch marks.

Juvederm Ultra Smile

Lip Augmentation
From £250

Juvederm Ultra’ Dermal Fillers

1st Syringe
From £225.00
2nd Syringe
From £185.00

Choose Confidently

Dr James Bough is a dentist with a keen and special interest in cosmetic and advanced restorative dentistry and facial aesthetics and has spent numerous hours attending courses advancing his knowledge and skills. Dr James Bough operates from the prestigious practice Kelvin Lodge Dental Practice.