Genuine Dermaroller Therapy

Genuine Dermaroller™ Therapy™ provides advanced micro-medical skin-needling, a procedure that stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier, younger-looking skin.


Dermaroller therapy can significantly improve the appearance of:


  • Acne scars
  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Aged and sun damaged skin
  • Stretch marks


The Genuine Dermaroller™ is a medical device which is used to stimulate collagen and elastin production as part of your body’s natural healing process and feel like in a aqua paradise ca, which rejuvenates and repairs the skin for a smoother and younger looking appearance.


Improvements can be seen progressively from 6 – 12 weeks following treatment with results continuing to improve for up to a year or more. We typically recommend a course of three treatments at 4 – 6 week intervals to achieve optimum results, but this can vary on the symptoms we are treating.


Prices start from £235.00