Cosmetic Dentures Case 1

The perception of dentures is that they are uncomfortable, poorly fitting and they never achieve a natural appearance. Dr James Bough has had a great deal of experience in providing denture of the highest quality.


He spent 3 years on the Prosthodontic Department at the Newcastle Dental Hospital, teaching students the gold standard practice of making dentures.


This lady had complete dentures to replace the top and bottom teeth.

She complained that the dentures were uncomfortable, loose and not fit for purpose and that she wanted to improve the appearance of the dentures, so they were more natural looking. The old set of dentures had been made poorly, so they did not fit to the oral anatomy correctly, subsequently they were not stable and they moved around, making them very uncomfortable.


Dr James Bough constructed a new set of dentures, top and bottom, which were a much better fit, by closely adapting them to the patients anatomy. This vastly improved the retention made them much more comfortable. As well as improving the fit and the function, there was a huge improvement in aesthetics, in order to give something much more natural looking.

Cosmetic Dentures