Dental Bonding Case 1

This lady was complaining that her teeth were significantly worn down and looked extremely short as a result. She not only disliked the way that they looked, but was also extremely concerned that as a result of the wear, she was going to lose the teeth sooner. She had been to see a number of dentists, but no one had suggested that she had treatment to address the tooth wear.


As the patient had already lost a significant amount of tooth tissue as a result of tooth wear, it was essential to replace this lost tooth tissue.

After discussion with the patient, dental bonding was the chosen option of treatment, to replace the missing tooth tissue and improve the shape and contours of the teeth.


The patient was extremely pleased with the result and was taken back that such an improvement could be made by carrying out the dental bonding technique. It also made the treatment affordable, otherwise a number of dental crowns would have been required, not only making the treatment destructive in nature, rather than preservative, but also significantly more costly.

Dental Bonding