Dental Bonding Case 2

Dental bonding involves the artistic use of highly aesthetic white filling materials to change the shape, size and sometimes the shade of the teeth.


Dental bonding can improve the aesthetics in a number of ways, from repairing chips and cracks, to closing gaps and rebuilding teeth. This young lady was concerned about the worn down front teeth, which looked shorter and which she perceived to be unsightly. She was also concerned about the gap that was present between two of the front teeth. As the patient was young and as the teeth were otherwise healthy, Dr James Bough did not want to do anything destructive, like crowns or veneers. The process of erosion and attrition had already resulted in tooth loss, so it was necessary to replace what was missing, not take further tooth tissue away to place crowns or veneers.


In order to make sure there was not any further damage to the teeth, Dr James Bough carried out dental bonding with aesthetic white fillings, to build the teeth up to replace the tooth tissue which had been lost, to improve the contours of the teeth and improve the aesthetics, achieving an excellent result.


The patient was very pleased with the final result which was an extremely natural appearance and she was even more pleased that we did not need to cut the teeth at all.



“A well kept professional practise with quality dentists and staff. Very pleased with the results and happy to have received treatment from you. Thank you.”

Dental Bonding