Dental Implants Case 1

Dental implants are the most modern way of replacing missing teeth, whether it is a single tooth or multiple teeth and they are considered to be the golden standard for replacing missing teeth.


This lady was extremely conscious of the appearance of her smile, so much so, she would not smile.

Before treatment, the missing teeth were replaced by a removable denture, which the patient found bulky and did not provide suitable aesthetics; the lady desperately wanted a fixed (non-removable) alternative.


As well as her dislike of the denture, the lady also disliked the veneers on the canine teeth as they were flat and appeared to worn thus not providing a natural appearance.

Dr James Bough initially carried out a 3D wax up of the desired aesthetics, in order to demonstrate what could be achieved by replacing the veneers, placing 2 dental implants with 2 bridges, to replace the 4 missing front teeth.


This planning stage enabled Dr James Bough to design the shape of the teeth and aesthetics, but more importantly, plan where to place the dental implants.

The dental implants were placed and allowed to ‘osseointegrate’ (where they become integrated with the bone, by the bone growing in and around the microstructure of the dental implants themselves).


The dental implants were restored with fixed bridges and the veneers on the canines replaced.

The patient was so pleased with the end result, she described it as ‘life-changing’. She had the confidence to smile once again and was delighted to have a fixed prosthesis which felt natural.



“Very professional and you take pride in your work so the finished result is as best as possible. Thank you”.

Dental Implants