Dental Implants Case 2

This lady had lost all her front teeth many years ago. She had used a denture to replace the missing teeth for a number of years.

She found the denture comfortable, but she disliked the cosmetics of the denture and more so, that the denture could be taken in and out. She desperately wanted a fixed and secure alternative as she was conscious of the denture when she went out for meals and thought people would be able to tell the denture was moving.


After lots of research into implants, the patient decided to go ahead and replace the 6 missing teeth.

Dr James Bough spent time planning the placement of the implants and started by looking into what the patient wanted to achieve. Then working back from this, Dr James Bough concluded that the patient could have 3 implants to support a bridge to replace the 6 missing teeth.


The implants were placed and then temporarily restored with a temporary bridge, which was used to change the shape of the ‘gum’ so that the bridge looked very natural and it gave the appearance that every tooth came out of the gum, even though only 3 dental implants were actually used to replace the 6 teeth.

This temporary bridge gave Dr James Bough the opportunity to fine tune the aesthetics of the bridge, so it was exactly as the patient wished, achieving a precise, accurate and desired end result.



“The experience was easy to cope with, I was explained to on every step of the way about what would happen so knew how long it would take. James

Dental Implants