Dental Veneers Case 1

Veneers are custom made restorations, fabricated from porcelain ceramic so that they fit over the front surface of the tooth. For each patient, veneers are designed and fabricated to give a totally natural appearance and can be used to align teeth, close gaps, repair broken teeth or cover and disguise unsightly discoloured teeth.


Porcelain veneers are an excellent way of achieving a transformational smile, in the quickest possible time. This lady had veneers placed a number of years ago, which had become stained around the margins.


Her mouth was in excellent condition apart from the poor aesthetics offered by the veneers which she wanted to change. She knew that when she had the veneers placed, she also wanted them to be slightly whiter, to further improve and enhance the appearance of her smile.


Dr James Bough carried out all the planning stages using 3D models, so the patient could visualise the end result and completed the treatment by fitting six porcelain veneers to improve the appearance enormously.

Dental Veneers