Full Mouth Rehabilitation Two

This lady was concerned about her bottom teeth as she had severe wear on the bottom teeth and teeth which were missing. Following the wear on the teeth, she had become concerned about the aesthetics, that the teeth were continuing to wear away and she wanted to replace some of the missing teeth in the bottom to improve the function and the aesthetics.


Dr James Bough initially took records and fabricated a 3D model to demonstrate what could be achieved, by building up the lower teeth using dental bonding techniques using highly aesthetic white fillings and replacing the missing teeth.


One of her main criteria was that she wished to maintain a natural appearance and not have teeth which looked ‘brand new’ or ‘false’, as she felt that would not suit her age. Dr James Bough therefore wanted to provide something natural and discussed that the teeth would be designed so that they looked natural and matched with her age.


After long discussions, Dr James Bough carried out dental bonding and replaced the missing teeth with a denture.


The lady was so pleased with the end result as the teeth were back to a ‘normal size and shape’ whilst also maintaining a natural appearance by having individual characteristics.