Inman Aligner Case 2

This lady that came to see Dr James Bough, was a dentist herself, but was aware of the treatments that he provided and wanted to seek his advice for the most appropriate treatment.


On presentation, she was most concerned about the appearance of her top teeth, due to the crowding present, forcing them to be mis-aligned.


Being a dentist, she was aware of all possible treatments, but wanted to carry out the treatment which was most suitable for her situation, to achieve the best results.


Dr James Bough explained all the options available in relation to aligning the teeth and she chose to have the Inman Aligner. In a short amount of time an excellent result was achieved, providing a full and wide smile, with perfectly aligned teeth.



“I wanted a solution to correct my malaligned teeth that was simple and quick. Inman Aligner did exactly that and I’ll now have the perfect smile for my upcoming wedding day. James was extremely thorough in explaining what the treatment would entail and I felt very well after by him and the rest of the team at Kelvin Lodge.”

Inman Aligner