Rehabilitation Case One

This gentleman had lost his back teeth in the lower left, as over time, they were so heavily restored they became very weakened and eventually become un-restorable. His teeth were generally heavily restored with a mixture of crowns and fillings.


In particular, the molar teeth in the top left, were heavily restored with large silver fillings and subsequently had lost a lot of their structural integrity and were at risk of breaking down further, which would have put them at risk of being lost earlier as they would have not been restorable.


In order to replace the missing teeth in the lower left, two dental implants were placed and then restored with a three unit bridge to improve function and aesthetics.


In order to improve the long term prognosis of the teeth in the upper right, the old silver fillings were removed and replaced with onlays, to replace the missing tooth tissue and improve the structural integrity and prognosis of the teeth.


The patient was extremely pleased with the final result, not just the aesthetics, but also the function.