Smile Make Over Case 1

Potential smile makeovers could involve orthodontics, gum repositioning, whitening, veneers, crowns, bridges or dental implants. It may be that just one or a multidiscipline of treatments are required to achieve the final desired end result.


Dr James Bough has undergone extensive training, in order to ensure that he can offer all of these treatments and can therefore choose and formulate the most appropriate treatment plan, depending on the desired end result.


This young man came to see Dr James Bough as he was concerned about the spacing between his front teeth, which he wanted to close. He had always had this spacing since the teeth erupted, because the ‘lateral incisors’ were congenitally small (microdontia is the technical name for this and is quite common and mainly affects these lateral incisor teeth).


Dr James Bough guided him through the process using a 3D model to demonstrate the end result and he was finally provided with four porcelain veneers to close the gaps and achieve an excellent result.


If you closely examine the before and after photos very closely, we also corrected the ‘midline’ (this is the centre-line running between the front teeth, which should run and be coincident with the lower teeth) as part of the treatment.


This achieved an excellent end result.

Smile Make Over