Wrinkle relaxing injections Case 1

This young lady wanted to very subtly reduce the formation of ‘functional lines’.


At the initial consultation, Dr James Bough discussed all the possible facial aesthetic treatments available with the patient, recommending preventative care first, such as topical antioxidant serums for at home use to improve the skin tone and condition and also to prolong the effects of treatment.


After lengthy discussion, Botulinum Toxin injections were the chosen option of treatment.


These were chosen to relax the muscles, to prevent the formation of ‘functional lines’ to allow the skin to smooth out and reduce line definition and formation, resulting in a much smoother skin tone and appearance.


Coupled with the use of the antioxidant serums, the lady noticed a big difference in the condition of her skin.



“Fantastic result and it was exactly as I had asked for. I really wanted a subtle difference and a treatment which would prevent the formation of the lines. Dr James Bough recommended Botox injections, but only small volumes, so a small gradual difference was made. All my friends think my skin looks great and keep asking me what facial I have had, so it looks natural! So pleased, thank you.”

Wrinkle relaxing injections