Smile Make Over

It is extremely important that you are fully informed of any treatment and confident you are going to receive the best possible care.


Dr James Bough is enthusiastic about providing the highest standard of care and Porcelain Veneers is just one of the topics which he lectures on to other dentists.


‘Smile makeovers’ encompasses a range of possible treatments and may involve orthodontic treatments to align the teeth, dental bonding using highly aesthetic white fillings or reconstruction using crowns, veneers and dental implants.  The advantage which Dr James Bough possesses, is that he is able to provide all the range of possible treatments, ensuring that the patient receives the best possible care and most appropriate treatment.


Reaching the desired results in order to exceed patient expectations, it is essential to phase treatment.  This ensures that the treatment will be successful and the final result is exactly as planned.


Phase 1.  Consultation.


This involves a relaxed discussion into what the patient would like to achieve.  This is the most important aspect, determining the patients expectations, so Dr James Bough knows what result he needs to achieve.  This means that he can accurately plan the treatment and what techniques he will use in order to achieve the end result.


Following the discussion, an extensive examination to check the oral health is critical (this involves checking the teeth, existing fillings, the health of the gums and doing oral cancer screening).  Justified radiographs (X-rays) will also be taken in order to aid the diagnosis and treatment planning.


At this stage a treatment plan can be formulated and fully explained, with the input from the patient and a written estimate for treatment costs will be provided.


Phase 2.  Wax up and trial smile


Impressions are taken of the patient and these are used to fabricate study models and design the desired end result. This gives a 3D accurate representation of what is going to be achieved and this can be used to provide a ‘trial smile’ in order for the patient to see the end result, in situ. This also gives the patient the opportunity to provide their input; they would like wider, narrower, longer, shorter teeth, it can all be accurately be planned out of the mouth before anything are done to the teeth, so there is no chance of error.


Phase 3.  Preparations and temporaries


The teeth which require preparation are precisely prepared by Dr James Bough, using the 3D planning model as a guide, click here on emergency roof repairs dublin


Once the teeth are prepared, temporary restorations can be placed, again using the 3D planning model as a guide.


These temporaries give the patient an insight into exactly what the final result is going to be.  The patient at this stage has another chance to make any further amendments.


Phase 4.  Fitting the final restoration.


The temporaries are removed and the final restorations placed; no need for adjustments, as it has already been planned, checked and double checked!