Tooth Whitening

Tooth whitening is an extremely effective way to dramatically change the aesthetics of a patients smile.


Dr James Bough recommends home whitening kits as the most effective way for undertaking tooth whitening treatment.  Following the change in law, it means that only dentists are legally allowed to carry out tooth whitening treatments using hydrogen peroxide up to 6% strength.  Therefore, using in surgery ‘higher’ percentage gels is no longer possible and this is the reason James recommends home whitening kits.


Impressions are taken of the teeth and laboratory custom trays are fabricated to exactly and comfortably fit over the teeth.  Dr James Bough then provides individual personalised instructions for the use of the whitening gel which is used in these trays and whitens the teeth over the time advised by James.  This method is ideal for the patient who wants total control of their whitening and the ability to ‘top up’ in the future.